• "An outstanding experience."


    "Jit Vadukul will be one of the stars of the future in Orthodontics!"



    Gerry Mohabir

    "Jiten is a kind and friendly Orthodontist and puts the patient first at all times. He always went through the procedures with care, explaining to me as a parent what was happening at all times, which put me at ease."


    "Thank you for all the hard work you put in to help my daughter get her dream set of teeth."



    Yogachitra Nagarasa

    "I met Dr. Jit in February 2017 for treatment and finished the course before Christmas. My transformation was so fast and pain-free.. I now have the most beautiful teeth and smile that I show off all the time. Honestly, it has changed my life. Dr. Jit is the friendliest and most efficient dentist that I have ever had. I would recommend anyone to enjoy the service and pain-free treatment Dr. Jit provides."


    "Thank you so much Dr. Jit."



    Silu Wang

    "We could not be happier with the treatment our daughter received. At every stage we were kept fully informed of progress and next steps, while the atmosphere during appointments was calm, friendly and supportive."


    "Our daughter has now had her braces removed - and she can't stop smiling!"



    Martin Booth

    "Brilliant at what he does, explained processes and unnerved me at all stages. Not met a friendlier guy in my life, incredible attitude and always a smile on his face."


    "Very pleased with all the treatment, thank you!"



    Samuel Holman



    "Although it hurt my mouth a bit at first, I got used to it and my teeth started moving so quickly!"


    "I am very happy with the improvements made and I would recommend this orthodontist to anyone."



    G Gwynne

    "I am very happy with the treatment Kirstie received."


    "Jiten was very patient with Kirstie, as she was not the easiest of patients."



    Lisa Doyle


    "I am really pleased with the way my teeth have aligned and Jit has been a great orthodontist."


    M Drought



    "Great, very friendly staff. Really pleased with the outcome."


    Natalie Drought


    "Spencer was always put at ease in the chair. Jiten is very friendly and has always explained clearly what's happening at the appointment."


    "Reception have always been helpful with appointment times. Great service!"



    Robyn Finch

    "Jit has done an amazing job with my teeth. I never used to want to smile with my teeth, but now I am going to be smiling all the time!"


    "Jit is the best orthodontist EVER, thank you!"



    Sophie O'Shea

    "Dr. Jiten Vadukul thank you so much for making my teeth look so great."


    "You have been an amazing Orthodontist."



    Lakshan Devarajan

    "Thank you Dr. Vadukul! I love my new smile. My teeth have changed so much (in a good way) that every time I look in the mirror, I make a bigger smile."


    "You have made my smile bright and happy and I just wanted to thank you."



    Donia Misurati

    "I am happy with my daughter's smile. I really like your Orthodontics."


    "Your staff and Orthodontists are always happy and nice. Good luck in the future."



    Hanan Elashhab



    "The whole procedure has been very straightforward and easy."


    "Everything was very well explained, and it has not impacted on my sons life as much as I thought it would, thank you."



    Sarah Melrose

    "I am extremely pleased with the service I was given by Jiten, my teeth are perfect and the end result is more than what I expected."


    "If ever I had any questions, Jiten was always happy to help in anyway, and always very truthful, a perfectionist I would say :-) I would definitely recommend."



    Louise Denyer

    "My experience with Jiten was outstanding. His expertise in fitting my braces and managing my treatment led to a very happy outcome."


    "His meticulous attention to detail and patient-centered approach made the entire process smooth and comfortable. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Jiten for anyone seeking top-quality orthodontic care."



    Yasmeen Khan

    "I had a fantastic Orthodontist, Dr. Jiten Vadukul, who did an amazing job transforming my smile"



    Cilla Skaria


    "I love my new smile! Thank you so much!"


    Lauren Cain



    "Very friendly and professional staff.

    Made Lauren feel comfortable and at ease."


    Andrea Cain

    "Was top advice and always told me what I had to do with my teeth and what to improve."


    Mark Kabochi



    "The care is very personalised, effective and the results are awesome. Very pleasant manner from the receptionists to Dr. Vadukul and the dental nurses. Can't fault them. Amazing job of putting the smiles back on our faces. Awesome!"


    Jane Kimaru

    Thank you to Jiten and all the team at Ewell Orthodontics. Everyone is kind and friendly. Jiten has been excellent at explaining each procedure and what to expect next. Rosie will be smiling a lot more now!



    Priscilla Watts

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  • "Jit is a skilled and personable Orthodontist."


    "My experience was extremely positive from the beginning to the end of treatment and thereafter."


    "I would highly recommend Jit."

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    Samantha Moulton

  • "Jit is a perfectionist who takes as much care of the relationship as well as the finished result of a straightened smile."


    "Clear explanation of choices, challenges, and objectives of the procedure leaving you comfortable that you're making the right decisions in your treatment."



    Graham Ross

    "Doctor Jiten has just removed my daughter’s braces after a little more than a year. Her teeth look fantastic and the whole process was excellent."


    "We thank you for putting us at ease with your positivity and clear explanations of the process. You are a ‘tooth craftsman.’"



    Mr. Priddin

    "The change in structure of William's teeth over the last year has been amazing."


    "He has suffered very little discomfort compared with the braces I had to suffer at his age."



    Paul O'Connell

    "Glad to have such a perfectionist doing my teeth. The results are amazing and beyond my expectations. Thank you!"


    James Clarke



    "Not only is Jiten an exceptional Orthodontist with an eye for every detail and a genuine desire to create perfection, but he is also very amenable and attentive to his patient's needs and nothing is too much trouble."


    "Jiten is the top of his profession in every way and we feel so lucky to have had the benefit of his expertise and hard work! The results speak volumes for themselves!"


    Christine Clarke

    "Enjoyed every appointment as he was always interactive."


    "I liked his taste in music too!"



    Jorge Villamizar

    "Jit is great! So glad I took the recommendation from my dental practice and went with Jit, who's professional, friendly and extremely thoughtful."


    "My messy teeth bothered me for 40 years and now they look perfect. Really happy for it :) "





    "I recommend Jit without hesitation. My son’s treatment finished last year and we were delighted with the result but also the speed and ease of treatment. George managed to break own of his retainers, so we caught up with Jit again. Recently. He checked George thoroughly and showed us that his teeth remain perfectly aligned."


    "Jit is a perfectionist, but his friendly, easy going nature meant that visits were always enjoyable and stress free.."



    Julie Cook

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