• Useful videos

    Samantha's experience with braces

    One of my wonderful patients discusses her experience with the brace process

    Reasons for wearing Orthodontic retainers

    An explanation as to why orthodontic retainers should be worn to prevent unwanted tooth movement

    How to clean your brace and teeth

    A demonstration of how I recommend using your toothbrushes whilst you have braces

    How to use your interbrace brush

    A demonstration of how I recommend using interbrace/interdental brushes with your brace and teeth.

    What to do if you lose or break your Orthodontic retainer

    Broken or lost orthodontic retainers can lead to unwanted tooth movement

    How to use Orthodontic Wax

    Orthodontic Wax can be very effective when applied correctly. Watch this to see how.

    What happens when your braces get tightened?

    Watch this video to see and understand the process of braces being adjusted.

    What do Aligned teeth look like?

    This video shows the differences which subtle adjustments can make upon an outcome

    How are braces removed?

    Watch a patient having their fixed braces removed at the end of active treatment

    Do braces hurt?

    This video explains the different types of discomfort that patients may experience with orthodontic treatment